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What is GS élan you might ask?

GS = Greenville Spinners, the cycling club sponsor for GS élan Women’s Cycling.

What does élan mean?  Well it's French for momentum, vigor, spirit, style, dash, flair, animation, verve, zest, panache and passion, the traits we tend to see in women who cycle.

What is our passion? Our passion is cycling, a healthy lifestyle and motivating more women to have a healthy lifestyle through cycling.



The inspiration for this group came from a desire to bring together all female cyclists, no matter what your age or athletic ability; Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced – All Are Welcome! We see so many women entering the sport of cycling and we want to help you learn new skills, grow your cycling ability, meet other women just like you and have fun at the sport of cycling.


Our Mission Statement

For healthy-lifestyle-seeking women of all ages and athletic abilities, GS élan is an all-women’s group that seeks to expand friendships, build self-esteem and educate women on the sport of cycling. Through group meetings, rides and other activities, experienced female cyclists will seek to educate and motivate GS élan group members as they pursue the social, physical, and environmental benefits that cycling brings.

Our Vision Statement

GS élan will strive to:

  • Encourage women to cycle by offering mentoring, group rides, and incentive programs.
  • Adopt strategies to motivate women to use their bikes for both fitness and a mode of transportation.
  • Educate women on how to share the road safely on Greenville streets by offering skills clinics and teaching them cycling etiquette and law.
  • Assist with initiatives that improve the upstate environment for present and future cyclists.


GS élan will work with the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club, as advocates for cycling-friendly legislation. We will actively support the Bike Safety Foundation and will strive to improve the lives of members and the community through cycling.


How to Join

GS élan is supported by the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club as well as members of each of the women’s cycling teams in the upstate. If you're a woman and a member of the Greenville Spinners, you're already a member of GS élan! There are currently over 250 GS élan Women’s Cycling members! If you're not currently a member of the Greenville Spinners, join today and you'll be opened to a plethora of information and resources for female riders.


We need your input!

In order to meet the needs and goals of the women of GS élan, we need to hear from you! Please take the time to complete this survey to let us know about your needs and interest in cycling.


Thank you to our sponsors:

Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club, Greenville Spinners Racing Team and Proaxis Therapy!



Contact Us
To contact a member of the GS élan Women’s Cycling committee, please email us at